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One of Aziza Chaouni Projects’ main objectives is to design for communities, and take their experiences into account through the design process. We often create tools to engage the community in deciding the fate of their built environment and to understand their objectives as stakeholders in the project. A variety of tools are used to educate the public or community stakeholders about the design strategies involved in order to build capacity as well. The ACP team is multilingual and multicultural, and we work in several languages, or with pictograms to allow those with difficulty reading to join the design process.

Interactive Websites

Interactive websites allow the public to view and vote on design schemes. ACP uses interactive websites to allow the public to voice their opinions, often employing pictograms to up or down-vote elements of the proposals. ACP often couples online tools with publicly accessible or mobile workshops to ensure that those without computer access are equally involved.


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"Designing together"

Sidi Harazem Rehabilitation

Digital Apps

Aziza Chaouni Projects employs the use of digital apps widely within the office environment, and mainly within participatory workshops to reach a wider audience. These workshops allow for the wide participation of locals, particularly those who cannot miss a day of work to participate otherwise, or those with mobility issues, as well as children, youth, and lower income people who are often left out of typical workshops. Together with our digital consultant Nomadic Labs, ACP is developing an app that recognizes collage imagery in order to generate results on the community's spatial preferences.

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Dessine Moi Une Ville Collage App

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