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Interactive Websites

Interactive websites allow the public to view and vote on design schemes. ACP uses interactive websites to allow the public to voice their opinions, often employing pictograms to up or down-vote elements of the proposals. ACP often couples online tools with publicly accessible or mobile workshops to ensure that those without computer access are equally involved.

“Entrée Nord” Nouméa Interactive Masterplan
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The masterplan of Noumea proposes to transforms the only gate into the city into a dynamic cultural centre and public space. ACP’s study of the site revealed that the entrance was a no man’s land composed of a large abandoned hospital, its parking lot, and an expressway. The site required a series of interventions to address its location at the intersection of multiple transportation systems, its adjacent to a commercial and touristic harbor, and its relationship to an abandoned hospital. 

The ACP team used a short animation to show the before and after conditions of the site, highlighting each urban move step-by-step; the creation of a new waterfront, the reactivation of the hospital with new cultural programs, the creation of a footbridge, an the introduction of a botanical garden and a visitors’ terminal in the port. ACP used the plan of the site as a background and selected very simple graphics to make the complex transformation of the site easily understood by several demographicsl. Zineb Tazi helped to develop the animation. 

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