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Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Station Rehabilitation 


The Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex was designed in the 1960’s by the famous architect Jean-Francois Zevaco. The Complex is a masterpiece of Modernist post-colonial Brutalist architecture, the first public example of post-independence architecture designed for locals.

Nestled in a luxuriant oasis valley right outside of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Fez, the complex reinvents the local vernacular architecture of Morocco. Today, despite the closure of many of its buildings, the thermal spring attracts Moroccans from all over the country. The lack of adequate infrastructure and activities severely undermine the visitor’s experience.

In 2017 ACP received support from the Getty Foundation to create a conservation management plan for the Complex, transforming its abandoned buildings into pedagogical and cultural spaces.

Phase one of the rehabilitation is currently underway.

Photos by Andreea Muscurel. 

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