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Sidi Harazem Masterplan


The Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex was designed in the 1960’s by the famous architect Jean-Francois Zevaco. The Complex is a masterpiece of Modernist post-colonial architecture, the first public example of post-independence architecture designed for locals.

The masterplan for the Sidi Harazem Bath Complex moves beyond considerations for rehabilitating its iconic Brutalist architecture. Through a series of community consultations, the ACP team developed a comprehensive phased plan for the adaptive reuse of Zevaco’s buildings to ensure the new program could provide diversified income to the local population, who have relied on the tourism industry provided by the Baths for generations.


Through extensive field analysis and the review of international case studies, the team proposed reprogramming the site using a phased approach--proposing a new thermal spa augmented by the natural and cultural assets of the site. The existing Zevaco riad is transformed into an edible and botanical garden to be used by a new state-of-the-art culinary school and restaurant. The culinary programming will be tied into additional educational programming to benefit local youth, and will also promote linkages with local farms. Updated market stalls were designed with input from local vendors to restimulate the local economy, with cultural programming will bring additional revenue as well. 

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) encompasses both the buildings and landscapes designed by Zevaco, as they are inextricably linked and form the site’s overall identity. The oasis’ ancient ponds are designated as a natural and cultural protected area, not to be developed or partitioned. A green buffer zone around the ponds is also to remain as a natural protective layer. 

Check the website  of the Sidi Harazem rehabilitation project by clicking here.

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Photos by Andreea Muscurel. 

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