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Mina and Reda Hideaway


ACP refurbished a 3 bedroom apartment located in the Gauthier neighborhood of Casablanca. The design relocated the 3 bedrooms towards the street and placed the living room and open kitchen near the courtyard/ terrasse. 

The design centers around a floor-ceiling piece of millwork which contains lighting, furniture, and storage within the thickness of the wall, continuing onto the patio. The feature  millwork wall contains storage and technology servicing the living room; a bar, TV console, and a barbecue. When the sliding perforated doors are closed, the millwork feature appears as a solid wall. The modular millwork elements can activate the space in a variety of ways when they are opened to suit the users; a table can be folded down and become a bar counter, a treadmill can be slid into the living room, etc. At night, when the perforated doors are closed and the interior lights are turned on, the perforated holes act as a lantern, shedding patterned shadows across the living room.

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