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Digital Applications

Aziza Chaouni Projects employs the use of digital apps widely within the office environment, and mainly within participatory workshops to reach a wider audience. These workshops allow for the wide participation of locals, particularly those who cannot miss a day of work to participate otherwise, or those with mobility issues, as well as children, youth, and lower income people who are often left out of typical workshops. Together with our digital consultant Nomadic Labs, ACP is developing an app that recognizes collage imagery in order to generate results on the community's spatial preferences.

Dessine Moi Une Ville 
"Draw Me a City"

screenshots of application 

The Dessine Moi Une Ville (or “Draw Me A City”) mobile application was developed by Aziza Chaouni Projects to allow women, youth, and vulnerable populations in Morocco’s desert city of Laâyoune to create their own public spaces by assembling their own digital collages. During the workshop, participants were given tablets to access the digital application. The app begins by having participants choose an image of their preferred public space location, and then dragging and adding different elements (urban furniture, transportation, animals, people, etc..) and textures (natural materials, pavers, etc.) to the image to create the collage, and ends with an info section that is filled out to identify and record the user demographic. The data from these digital and analog collage compositions was analyzed and will be used in the second phase of the project; informing the design of two public spaces and informing the creation of guidelines for future urban development in the Laâyoune region.  

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