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Amman Design Week 

Installations and Exhibtions

Available in both formal and informal economies, the cinder block is the most prevalent construction component used in the Global South due to its affordability, flexibility, and ease of implementation. Cinder blocks are a flexible and diverse building material, composed of cast concrete which can be easily cut and adjusted to suit construction needs. The blocks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fittings, and can be used for both load-bearing and infill walls. 

Aside from its generic usage, the cinder block is sometimes used in unexpected ways: to create retaining walls, planters, stairs, furniture, perforated walls…. Despite these ‘détournements’, the cinder block holds latent potential which has been largely unexplored. 

Recognizing the pervasiveness of the cinder block in both high and low culture, ACP’s Amman Design Week pavillion investigated and tested how cinder blocks can be augmented and made more performative while remaining within an economy of means.Through drawings and installation work, the exhibition showcases a retrospective of the cinder block’s history, an analysis of its typologies, and the presents novel applications.

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