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Al Qods Park


ACP’s proposal for the rehabilitation of Al Qods Park in Ifrane maintains the distinct character of the North and South zones of the Park by:

  1. Rehabilitating the northern zone as an urban park, because it is close to the city center and the market;

  2. Transforming the southern zone to a planted area that will include an Alpine botanical garden. It will introduce visitors to the flora, fauna and habitats of the Ifrane region.

While emphasizing the distinctiveness of these two zones, our proposal connects them through a continuous ‘health path’, forming an indivisible whole and introducing running and walking challenges to the visitors. In addition to the path, the separation between the two zones is attenuated by the elimination of sidewalks and the change of texture of the road separating the mosque (north zone) from the socio-sports center (south zone), which creates a visual transition, and also slows down the flow of cars.

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