Yarmouk Playground

The project is located in Yarmouk, Northern Jordan, overlooking the Golan Heights and Syria; with a stunning, gently sloping landscape filled with centuries old Oak trees .It is a very popular destination for picnicking among local families all year round. A visitor center was initiated but was never completed.

Our project acts on three scales: the regional, local and site scales. The regional scale involves the delineation of a protected area and a special conservation area that promote biodiversity while meeting local ecological, social and economic needs. The local scale involves the development of a masterplan for the visitor center area for the PA and SC areas. The masterplan proposes to rehabilitate existing abandoned infrastructure to fit only new program and meet sustainable standards. At last, the site scale deals with the first phase of the masterplan, an educational playground by introducing children of various ages to nature conservation through play. The playground weaves through the oak tree landscape and is articulated around games that foster both physical development and conservation awareness.All games are built using recycled timber and tires.
The very core of the planning was to propose a collaborative approach in which all local stakeholders, in particular children from local area would contribute, in order to better claim future ownership of the place. The delineated area management; and ecological and restoration plans approved; the Yarmouk protected area will become part of the national network in future.


Team: Aziza Chaouni, Farhana Sharmin, Vjosana Shkurti (ACP) | Global Environmental Fund | Right To Play