The Life Line Corridor
September 3rd, 2013


The Life Line competition entry proposes to use the Hydro Corridor between Huron St.and Caledonia Park Rd. in Toronto primarily as an ecological corridor. This approach stems from the possible dangers associated with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), especially on children. No scientific studies are conclusive on this matter. Moreover, to control vegetation, the corridors have ben sprayed for decades with the herbicide Tordon 101 and Agent Orange, that contains the chemical 2,4-D , best known for being a component of the deadly defoliant the U.S. used during the Vietnam War. The hydro corridors lands are hence in dire need of decontamination.

Given the Hydro corridors threats, we put the safety of Torontorian a the forefront of our proposal, while developing resilient frameworks that structure the site but also allow for potential changes in the future. Other ambitions of the proposal are to preserve and extend urban biodiversity, connect fragmented habitats, decontaminate the land, and offer nature interpretation experiences along the corridor.

In a first phase to be implemented in 15 years process, the corridor will be densely planted, connected in key nodes by light bridges, viewing towers/ spots will be built, and a logging and bee/ honey business put in place.

In the second phase, in which EMF will either be deemed not harmful or become obsolete, public programs could be easily introduced, while the corridor ecological and educational functions remain.

We thank Atelier Anonymous for their wonderful team spirit, we are looking forward to more collaborations!

Team: ACP (Mani Tabrizi, Nicolas Roland, Vjosana Shruti, John Bautista, Hanna Tabatabae, Louis Liu, Catherine Dean, Aziza Chaouni) + Atelier Anonymous (Alyssa Shwann, Melissa Hollingsworth, Garth Woolison)