Apple farm lookout under construction
September 4th, 2013


Construction of the Regada look out pavilion has started! Facing a large water reservoir, the Regada apple farm is located amid a beautiful protected oak forest, near the town of Immouzer. The main challenge of the project was to place a pavilion on top of a pre-existing, nondescript water treatment facility building. We used two ribbon brise- soleils to tie the two seemingly disparate buildings together. To keep a sweeping 360ยบ view of the surrounding landscape, we placed all services on the ground floor, leaving all the pavilion open. Great care has been given to integrate the building’s landscape with water efficiency: all used water comes from a nearby well and a roof rain water reservoir, rain water run off and grey water are recycled in an ornamental wetland while backwater is treated through a double chamber septic tank then led to wetland garden.

Team: Radia El Hili, Bassima Jazouli, Ahlame Abchir, Aziza Chaouni; photo John Bautista.