Casa Blue Duplex
July 27th, 2013


The duplex Casa Blue is located on the 6th floor of a building in the center of Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital.

Casa Blue has a unique view of the city, against the backdrop of the Atlantic ocean. The key concept for the project was to open up the duplex small footprint to the view as much as possible, while working with the master craftsmen from Fez Hamid Hamidi to develop custom furniture, within a limited budget.¬†After gutting the entire duplex, we created a double height space in the living room, introduced a custom made open kitchen, new suspended stair and built in seatings and shelves. Blue tones, echoing Casablanca’s bright sky and the ocean, are scattered throughout the duplex (fabric, back splash, lighting fixture etc…)

This project allowed us to become proficient in developing custom made, contemporary furniture using metal, wood and concrete, while using Fez traditional hand made fabrication methods.

We thank Hamid Hamidi for his wonderful support in fabricating all the furniture of the duplex!

Team: Aziza Chaouni, Bassima Jazouli, Johann Petersmann