Villa Euterpe
November 14th, 2012


Villa Euterpe is the house of a businessman and musician. Euterpe is the muse of Music in Greek Mythology and is a favorite of the client. Situated on the hills of Anfa, one of the most sought after neighborhood of Casablanca, often dubbed the Beverly Hills of Morocco, the house sits on a very small, odd shaped triangular site. Indeed, the client parceled his mother’s house property and was able to obtain a 450 m2 site. With the 5 m setbacks and two story height limits, little space is left for the house.

This project was approach as an opportunity t test how the courtyard house typology can be adapted to the triangular site of the project. The courtyard house typology is ideal in this case because it provides not only privacy from the gaze of the client’s mother, but also protection from the hot weather.

To provide more space the house and its garden are sunken on the East side, while the West side hosts the driveway and every day entrance. At the sunken floor level, a long lap pool, adjacent to a sunken bamboo garden helps bring light onto the underground space. The stairs act as a chimney letting hot air get to the top of the house and escape. At last, 3 courtyards pierce the house. Geothermal energy is currently being investigated as both a heating and cooling source. The windows are set 50cm away from the façade of the building so as to limit eat gain. Like Moroccan traditional courtyard house, which are introverted, the house appears as a sculptural block from which few openings are carved.

Team: ACP (Aziza Chaouni, Johann Petersmann, Zineb Alaoui)