Chaouni lectures @ Mesopolis workshop
November 6th, 2012

Aziza Chaouni will lecture at the University of Tehran, as part of the Mesopolis Tehran Workshop. Aziza Chaouni is a collaborator in the Hydrocity Toronto based research platform.

Led by Sara Kamalvand, HydroCity engages in local and international projects with universities, municipalities, and private organizations through workshops, exhibitions, and publications. We also organize creative design charettes as public consultations, often within academic frameworks, and sometimes with the input of local artists.

HydroCity leads research on cities as a campaign to bring ecological awareness and also to produce visionary proposals for real time opportunities and challenges. We promote a new urban model that places local natural resources as the capital for growth. We look at watersheds, ground water, and water management through a multiscalar strategy that goes from the territory, neighborhood, park and building.