Squat City Prize, International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam (IABR), Finalist

ACP received this award in 2019


IABR is one of world’s leading international events relating to the fields of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture. It promotes the exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise, and best practice.

Location: Rotterdam, Holland

Aziza Chaouni: co-recipient with Takako Tajima

Project: “Fez River Rehabilitation Project”

Role in Project: co-principal in charge, project lead architect (Takako Tajima co-principal in charge and project lead landscape architect)

Selection Process: peer review

Jury Members: Kees Christiaanse (chief curator IABR), Tim Rieniets (ETH Zurich), Fabienne Hoelzl (ETH Zurich), Can Altay (Bilgi Univeristy, Istanbul), Michelle Provoost (Crimson, Rotterdam), Georgeen Theodore (Interboro, New York, NY), and Bart Goldhorn (Project Russia, Amsterdam)