Sidi Harazem Project receives Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern Grant!

Our proposal for the rehabilitation of the Sidi Harazem Bath Complex, designed by Jean-François Zevaco in 1960, won the Getty Foundation’s Keeping it Modern Grant! Initiated and led by Aziza Chaouni, the project seeks to create a conservation plan to preserve the complex’s architectural significance while reimagining the location as a dynamic tourist center.

Nestled in a Moroccan oasis where ancient mineral springs have drawn visitors for centuries, the Sidi Harazem Thermal Bath Complex showcases a marriage of nature, public space, and modern architecture. Built four years after Moroccan independence, the complex is the ambitious statement of a new nation determined to create modern and forward-thinking gathering places for its citizens.

The project will be led in collaboration with the Fondation CDG, which will receive the grant’s funds, the CDG’s hospitality branch HRM and the following experts: Robert Silman and Eytan Solomon (Conservation engineers), Karim Bennani (Engineer), Mohammed Boumeshouli (Lab), Salim Belemlih (Surveyor), Andreea Muscurel (Photographer and film director), Camelia Bennani (Research assistant), Aziza Chaouni, Veronica Gallego, Lamiss Ben El Haj and Zineb Tazi (Aziza Chaouni Projects).

Sidi Harazem is the first North African project to receive the Keeping it Modern Fund. Thanks to everyone who believed in us and supported us!

We are very proud that Sidi Harazem has been selected among a stellar roaster this year including the Yoyogi National Gymnasium by Kenzo Tange, the Government Museum and Art Gallery by Le Corbusier, the Price Tower by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus building by Walter Gropius.…/keeping_it_…/grants_awarded_2017.html

Photo Credit: Afriat