Siblings Townhouse

This project involves the complete gutting and rebuilding of a Manhattan townhouse. Located on the Upper East Side and built at the turn of last century, the townhouse is a landmark building. Hence, its façade cannot be altered. Preliminary structural assessment highlighted the need to create new floors and roof and repairs to existing walls to render the building safe for occupation. In fact, previous water infiltration and lack of maintenance have rendered the current structure unsafe. Therefore, we reconfigured the number of floors and sections with split levels to accommodate for two equal units while respecting the existing historic façade.

Working with sustainably consultants Dagher and Ted Kesic, we set up high environmental standards for the two units townhouse, including geothermal heating and cooling system systems, interior courtyard, water tank, water recycling and passive cooling.


Team: Aziza Chaouni, Edward Broeders, Hannah Tabatabaie, Veronica Gallego Sotelo (ACP) | Ronnette Riley, Lynn, Yumi (RRA, Architect of record) | Elias Dagher, Josephine (Dagher, MEP and S. Consultant) | Ted Kesik (S. Consultant) | Huges Silman, Sarah Towles (Silman, Strutucal Engineer)