Out of Water by Margolis and Chaouni is out!

Out of Water: Design Solutions for Arid Regions presents not only new insights about water scarcity but also new design strategies for keeping water-sensitive regions liveable with minimal impact on the environment. It also contributes to important topics such as best water management practices, water conservation design, and the sustainable city.

The results of the Out of Water project, based on five years of research, a traveling exhibition, as well as an international conference, are presented throughout a series of essays by experts from various fields and case studies of projected and implemented solutions for water-scarce contexts.

By analyzing different case studies through drawings, diagrams, and text, this book brings theory into the realm of practice, and reaches a wide audience within the design world and beyond.“ (Herbert Dreiseitl, author of Waterscapes, New Waterscapes, and Recent Waterscapes, in the Foreword)

Drawing from the publication, representing the “Down to Earth” project, courtesy of Ruth Kedar.