M&R apartment

This project rejuvenate a 1970’s apartment located in the center of Casablanca, the largest Moroccan city. The apartment has a large terrace, which is a rare find in dense Casablanca. However, the original apartment turns its back to the terrace, which is 70 cm than the ground of the apartment. Rooms of the original apartment face the terrace while the living areas face a non descript street. Also, the previous owners illegally built additional storage in the terrace. Instead, we propose to turn the terrace into the central feature of the apartment. To do so, we level the terrace with the apartment floor then we place the rooms towards the street and the living/ dining facing the terrace. By using stackable sliding doors all around the living/ dining, we integrated the terrace with the interior of the apartment. In Casablanca, the gentle coastal weather allows for an almost year round use of outdoor spaces. Green walls around the terrace will help create a microclimate in the summer time.

Another key feature of this project is a custom made wall-furniture. Located along the entire wall of the living/dining space, this modular piece of furniture has many functions. When closed it looks like a solid wall. However, it contains many items such as a bed, a thread mill, a chimney, bookshelves, a desk and storage.


Team: Aziza Chaouni, Johann petersmann, Bassima Jazouli, Zineb Alaoui (ACP)