Invited International Competition for the New Eco-City of Zenata, First Place

CDG Group


Year: 2010

Location: Rabat, Morocco

Team: LandInc (competition organizer, lead landscape architect, lead urban designer), Bureau E.A.S.T (project lead architect and sustainability consultant), Transsolar Climate Engineering (climate engineer), Team Maroc (mechanical and hydrology engineer), Transitec (transportation engineer), Cabinet Begdouri (zoning consultant)

Role: principal in charge (Bureau E.A.S.T), project lead architect and sustainability consultant

Rank: First Place (Invited teams included French renowned architects Jean Nouvel and Manuelle Gautrand)

Selection Process: submission judged by RFQ and one-stage peer review

Jury Members: Mohammed El Malti (National School of Architecture, Morocco), Mohammed Naciri (CDG Group, Morocco), Mohammed Serti (Société D’Aménagement Zenata, Morocco), Mohammed Sajid (Mayor of the City of Casablanca, Morocco), and Chourouk Delfi (CDG Group, Architect, Morocco)