International Awards Eme3 Cities: Mediterranean, First Prize Award

Year: 2011

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Aziza Chaouni: co-recipient with Takako Tajima

Project: “Fez River Rehabilitation Project”

Role in Project: co-principal in charge, project lead architect (Takako Tajima co-principal in charge and project lead landscape architect)

Selection Process: peer review

Jury Members: Rosa Bada (Director of the Department of Civil Rights of the Barcelona City Council), Carles Casamor (Barcelona City Council Chief Architect), Anwar Zibaoui (ASCAME Coordinator, Barcelona), José Maria Torres Nadal (Torres Nadal Architects, Barcelona), Pere Almeda (Project Manager of the Historical Centre of St. Pau, Barcelona), Margarida Barceló (Director of Mediterranean Cooperation at the Municipality of Barcelona), and Jordi Laboria (Deputy Mayor of the City of Terrassa)