Ifrane Exhibition Hall

ACP competition entry was selected by the Moroccan Ministry of Culture for the transformation of a vacant space into an exhibition hall, located in the center of the city of Ifrane, a town nestled in the Middle Atlas mountains at 1,665 m in elevation.

The exhibition will showcase local crafts and produce to visitors. ACP’s entry proposes to keep the original character of the existing colonial building while removing all interior partitions and creating large openings towards the plaza adjacent to the building. Sliding walls and hanging tracks could create a multitude configurations for exhibitions. The environmental performance of the building is enhanced by adding insulation to the roof, using double glazed windows, creating large openings to the South and East, and utilizing brises soleil.

ACP team: Lamiss Benhaj, Bassima Jazouli, Radia El Hili, Abdou Handa, Aziza Chaouni