Hotel Babylone

The Hotel Fez is a 50 room boutique hotel located on one of the hilltops surrounding the Fez River Basin around which the Medina is located. A feasibility study based on research of urban boutique hotels typologies, local construction methodologies and green technologies that respond to the local climate was conducted. The research resulted in a comprehensive booklet.

Our design strategy was mainly based on the preservation and integration of an existing historical building from the 1920’s on the site, turning it into the focal point of the project. The existing building will be rehabilitated, offering guests a glimpse of Morocco’s past heritage juxtaposed alongside the modern hotel buildings.

The design of the hotel addressees local climactic issues, by re-interpreting vernacular Moroccan architecture, especially the courtyard typology at the end creating a new language that is yet still familiar. An ecological approach was of key importance to the design; including passive ventilation, solar panels and green roofs. and thus the hotel will be the first of its kind in Morocco by following American LEED constraints.


Team: Aziza Chaouni, Dann Brunn (ACP)