Her House

This house for a young Moroccan expatriate working in Paris, is set in her family’s farm, situated few miles south of Fez, amid a landscape of wheat fields and olive tree groves.

The project, while reconciling the client’s contradictory desire for both introversion and extroversion, attempts to reposition the typology of the courtyard house, which in Morocco, was brandished as both the proof of an active, pre-colonial traditional architecture and the founda-tion for a postcolonial national architec-ture grounded in the native culture. The house shuffles the courtyard and its constitutive components (fountains, vegetation, ground) beyond their usual climatic adaptability and cultural appropriateness qualities, transforming them into a live, shifting medium through which one interacts with the landscape. Hence, the house offers spaces of intimacy characteristic of the traditional courtyard house and yet allows for a synergy with the surround-ing olive groves and wide rural vistas. A carefully orchestrated promenade throughout the different domestic spaces slowly reveals different sensatory experience of the olive grove, as one is either set below, amid or above their foliage.


Team: Aziza Chaouni