Euro Med Competition finalist entry unveiled

ACP collaborated with NADAAA (lead), OAA, Sasaki Associates and Atelier 10 to design the new campus of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (UEMF). Our team was shortlisted to participate in the second phase of the competition. Other shortlisted finalists were Zaha Hadid, Richard Rogers, Dominique Perrault Architectes and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

UEMF will stand as a new and unique regional campus contributing to promote dialogue, cultural exchange and cooperation in higher education and research between both rims of the Mediterranean.

This innovative Euro-Mediterranean approach will be reflected not only in the diversity of nationalities of the students, professors, researchers and non-academic staff, but also in the language and contents of the programmes which will focus on topics with important impact on the integrated development of the region. 

More info on our scheme to follow…

(Image courtesy of NADAAA)

ACP team: Mani Tabrizi, Robyn Whitwham, John Bautista, Aziza Chaouni