Waterfront Masterplan “Entrée nord”, Noumea

The north entrance of Nouméa town center is an area that is characterized by the former Gaston-Bourret Territorial Hospital Center, a parking lot and the expressway # 1. It is at the heart of downtown Noumea, and yet is severely underused and known for being empty and even ghosty. It’s also very close to the waterfront, but remains disconnected from the water.  Even though it’s adjacent to the two major sources of the New Caledonian economy: the Le Nickel Company and the Autonomous Port of New Caledonia, it remains an ignored bay. Notwithstanding of the above, the north entrance is yet the first image in sight that people comes across when entering the city of Noumea.

We propose to develop a shared vision for the north entrance as a gateway of  in both physical and symbolic ways. Physically speaking, the north entrance will be the bridge that links the heart of city to the sea. Symbolically speaking, it connects cruiseship passengers and tourists to the New Caledonian culture, and bonds the Noumean populations among themselves.

These efforts will be led by urban architect Aziza Chaouni, accompanied by SCET and all stakeholders involved in the project.

Team: Aziza Chaouni, Veronica Gallego Sotelo, Pedram Karimi, Jingyuan Zhang, Yi Zhang (ACP) |  Jelena Stamenkovic (SCET)