Dar Tazi Garden

Dar Tazi is the garden of a 15th century palace built in the Medina of Fez. The pavilions of the garden are occupied today by two NGO’s. One of them, Esprit de Fez organizes concerts in the garden, and would like to use parts of it as an outdoor workspace. Since the well dried, the garden started to deteriorate and neither the NGOs nor the city have funds to re-introduce water.

Thanks to a grant from the US based NGO Tourism Cares, our firm was commissioned to re-design the garden while observing all the sites’ limitations as well the city’s world heritage regulations. In order to solve the lack of water issue and the fragmentary nature of the garden, we propose to unify the whole site by introducing a colored gravel surface, modulated with patterns. The patterns are a blown up, distorted version of traditional Moroccan mosaic patterns used in local garden paving. The bending of the pattern is extrapolated from the geometry of existing edgings and trees.

We propose to dye the gravel using left over dyes from the Fez tanneries. Also, we will introduce rain catchment reservoirs to water the existing trees. In a first phase, the new proposed ground for concerts will be covered with woven mats. In a second phase, the whole gravel surface will be completed, and simple, moveable wooden furniture constructed in site will be introduced. The garden will offer a much needed green space inside the medina of Fez. It will be the first palace’s garden to be open for public use.


Team: Aziza Chaouni  (ACP) | Jeannette kuo