Aziza Chaouni lectures @ the Science Center

On May 25, Aziza Chaouni participated in Sci Fri at the Ontario Science Centre.

Sci-Fri is a free Friday night event for teens that the Science Centre holds every month (except December, July, and August), which includes snacks, DJs, and a panel discussion. Topics discussed include global issues mixed with a bit of science.

Chaouni was invited to share some innovative ways of designing cities, buildings, and products for a future where water is scarce. For her presentation, she drew from her work on the Out of Water Project, which explores how existing and future cities and landscapes can adjust to increased water scarcity. Chaouni is a principal researcher for the project along with Daniels Assistant Professor Liat Margolis. The two are now working on a book on the subject, and it couldn’t be more timely: As reported on the Out of Water website,  “the United Nations projects that in the next ten years, 50 million people will be living in desert contexts, potentially causing major migration fluxes, political tensions, and instabilities.”

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