Amman Design Week 2016

Thanks to its affordability, ease of implementation and flexibility, the cinder block is the most prevalent constructive component used in developing countries, in both formal and informal construction. Made from cast concrete, it is used grouted or ungrouted to build wall bearing and infill walls. The cinder block comes in varying sizes, numbers of holes, hole types and fittings. It can be easily cut and adjusted to fit construction needs.

Aside from its generic usage, the cinder block is sometimes used in unexpected ways: to create retaining walls, planters, stairs, furniture, perforated walls…. Despite these ‘detournements’, the cinder block seems to hold a potential for innovation that has not yet been tapped into.

Recognizing the pervasiveness of the cinder block culture, this exhibition seeks to investigate and test how its constructive nature could be augmented, be made more performative and responsive, while staying within an economy of means.

Through drawings and installation, the exhibition will be composed of a retrospective of the cinder block’s history, an analysis of its typologies and the presentation of new ways to use it.


Team: Aziza Chaouni, Veronica Gallego Sotelo, Yi Zhang (ACP)