ACP wins sport hall competition

ACP wins competition launched by the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports for the design a municipal multisport hall set in  the town of Boumia. Boumia is located amid the Altas Mountains, at 1,520 m altitude. The multisport hall and its community garden will offer the youth of Boumia a much needed leisure facility.

The main challenge of the project was twofold: to create a building that acts as a landmark while blending within its rural lcontext, and to keep the interior of the sporthall confortable during the cold winters and hot summers. To do so, the facade of the building displays pixels that reflect the changing colors of the wildflowers of the surrounding landcapes. By proposing a light metal structure, rather than the concrete structure used in sporthalls throughout Morocco, we were able to allocate funds to insulate the outside walls of the building. At last a sun and air flow study allowed us to locate the building and size its windows so as to optimize passive ventilation in the summer and passive heating in the winter.

ACP team: Lamiss Benhaj, Bassima Jazouli, Radia El Hili, Abdou Handa, Aziza Chaouni