ACP & ADF kick start Dar El Amal in the city of Berkane!

Aziza Chaouni (ACP) shakes hands with Elise Vanweydeveldt (ADF) in Fez, to officially mark the start of the Dar el Amal project

The NGO ‘Association du Docteur Fatiha’ (ADF) wishes to build an innovative center dedicated to a green and social economy. To fund a part of the project, ADF launched a big crowd-funding campaign.

Named “Dar al Amal”, which means House of Hope in Arabic, the center will actively create green jobs and spread an ecological culture in Berkane and the whole Eastern region of Morocco.

An urban center to foster young people dynamism, ADF will the first incubator of Eastern Morocco. Its community center will be one of the pillars of the project. It will provide the populations with work spaces, a library, internet access. There, ADF will develop new revenue-generating activities, based on recycling. ADF will also organize plenty of events to raise people’s awareness to environmental issues.

A model, in its construction and management, Dar al Amal will be built on a former landfill, set in the heart of an impoverished area, “Douar ell Mika” (the “neighborhood of plastic bags”). Recycled materials will be used as much as possible in the architecture, the design and the furniture of the building.

ADF got its first financial support for the project thanks to the Legallais Foundation. The feasibility study has therefore started with Aziza Chaouni Projects! Elise and Mehdi from ADF met with ACP in Fez, and held their first meeting to jump start the project.

To put in place the foundation stone, ADF needs you! To give 25$ or 1.000$, please connect to Girl Tank.