About Us

Firm Profile

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Who we are

Aziza Chaouni Projects (ACP) is a 100% woman owned multidisciplinary design firm with offices located in Fez, Morocco and Toronto, Canada. ACP’s offices are composed of small teams of designers with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, engineering and construction. However, our offices are often in flux as we usually collaborate with a wide range of experts (i.e. ecologists, builders, geographers, theorists, economists, hydrologists, to name a few) and student interns from various countries. We believe that that more is not only a fertile ground for innovation but more is also merrier.


What we do

We are curious and so, we work on projects that range in scale from furniture to city planning. Working across scales allows us to be able to grasp and address with minutia most of the dimensions of our projects. The common thread amid our multi-scalar projects is that we see constraints as possibilities rather than dead ends and as a means to compel creativity and innovation. Our commitment is neither to a style nor an aesthetic but to improve the built environment. Making better places and spaces is our motto.


How we do It

We start by listening Far any project, our first task is to become familiar with its context. Before we make any design decisions, we want to know the concerns, the expectations, the desires, and, most importantly, the visions of not only our clients but also of the project’s stakeholders. We also want to know about a site’s climate, terrain, ecology, existing associations between neighbors and neighborhoods, cultural practices, densities, history, etc. An analysis of all the conditions that are taken for granted but make a project unique is essential for provoking our imagination.


We are committed to research and process

Our approach is driven not only by what we already know but also by our curiosity. But everybody hates a tourist, and so do we. Thus we do our best to avoid an ‘archi-touristic’ approach to research and instead strive for immersion. To us, every project is a new research. Be it a building, a restoration of a river, or urban design guidelines for new cities, we start with a fresh set of perspectives and without preconceived methodology. What is recurring in our approach however is our anticipation of change and our commitment to an iterative process. Design production should not be limited by current aesthetic preference and/or immediate programmatic needs but instead, project ideas into the future and imagine how buildings, landscapes, and cities may evolve and adapt to new conditions.


We reach out to other disciplines

Our backgrounds and experiences in architecture. urban design, landscape architecture and engineering determine how we think and perceive.
We are neither one nor another, and to call ourselves multi-disciplined seems an oversimplification. Our approach is defined not only by the coalescence of the training and experience in all of the above, but also by our multiples collaborations with other disciplines and with diverse clients. Erasing boundaries between disciplines allows us to be freer, learn more and come up with original solutions specific to the project at hand.


We keep our promises

We are very keen to make our projects on paper a reality. To do so, we bring great care into detailing and we closely follow the construction process. We think that nurturing the construction phase is as important as developing the project’s concept.


Where we work

We are undertaking projects across several cities around the world: Toronto (Canada), New York (USA). Yarmouk & Ajloun (Jordan), Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, Berkane & M’hamid (Morocco). Since we are excited about encountering new cultures and learning about their architecture, landscape. constructions techniques and genius Locis, we are looking to testing our approach in as many places as we can.


Who we work with

Any clients who share our vision for creating a better built environment using an innovative and collaborative approach is welcome. We have worked in the past with private clients, NGOs and government organization.